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Exercising After Dental Work- What You Need to Know

When exercise is a big part of your day to day routine, the thought of having to go days or even weeks without it following dental work or surgery can be intimidating and more terrifying than the procedure itself. There are several things to consider...

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Understanding the Importance of the Lymphatic System

When you mention the circulatory system, most people will think of the heart, blood, veins and arteries. But, did you know that the body has a second circulatory system? It is true and it is called the lymphatic system. The importance of the lymphatic system...

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Whole Body Health

  In today's world, we are all eating out more, busy with work and always trying to find time to fit things in to our schedules.  With the hectic schedules comes less time to put ourselves and our health first.  For this reason, at Kopp Dental...

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Eating Foods that Keep Teeth Healthy

Most people today know and accept that at least to some extent you are what you eat. This idea holds true that when you put good things into your body the systems work as they should and optimum health can be achieved, and when bad...

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Keeping Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

When the holidays come around, many people end up on a totally different schedule thanks to the shopping, cooking, travels, and visiting that takes place during this time. Schedules can easily get turned all around and this affects every area of life- including dental care....

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Are Dental Crowns Immune to Decay and Deterioration?

Dental crowns are a commonly used dental implant that is placed over existing teeth to give them a healthier cleaner brighter look. It is essentially a protective covering for a damaged original tooth or it can be used to help replace missing teeth therefore protecting the...

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Fighting Bad Breath

Every now and then people get a flare-up of bad breath and suffer the negative effects that come with it. Many things can lead to bad breath but the biggest culprit is usually foods such as garlic, onions, peppers, citrus juice, or coffee. However, there...

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Help From the Expert Dental Hygienist Team

At Kopp Dental, all too often we see firsthand how unhealthy, unsightly teeth, and diseased gums cause problems for those who come to us in their most desperate hour. They suffer from embarrassment, lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, and a host of other health issues....

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Healthier Options for Mouthwash

Remember years ago, when mouthwash companies told us that burning pain of our mouthwash was a good thing and we should tough it out to get the benefits of a cleaner and healthier mouth? We all did it because we wanted healthier teeth and gums....

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7 Natural Treatments To Combat Teeth Grinding

There are many dental concerns that people face and one of the most common yet most misunderstood is bruxism. Nearly one in three people suffer from teeth grinding, or bruxism, as it is traditionally termed. Of these, as many as 10% grind so badly and...

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