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Elmhurst Area Dentistry Testimonials

Elmhurst and Chicago area restorative dentistry by Kopp Dental is garnering some rave reviews.


Kopp Dental is to medical offices what Cheers is to bars- everyone knows your name and they are always glad you came! Their chair-side manner is second to none. This isn’t cattle-call dentistry, it is personalized and thoughtful.

Erin V


My husband and I have both been patients of Dr. Kopp and his office. I personally was referred to him from my dentist of 25 years due to some unresolved dental issues. I was impressed by his entire staff, their professionalism, coutesy and true concern. Dr. Kopp was able to resolve my issues, and did it with incredible perfection. He spent the time necessary to do the job perfectly, and I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend Kopp Dental to everyone. Also, my husband was thrilled with his results. Thank you to everyone at Kopp Dental.

Carol Z.


Number One! Numero Uno! Nummer Eins! Bir Numara! Nummer ett! Numer Jeden! Best dentist in the USA! I visit him all the way from Florida. (Sorry Florida you do not have a dentist like Dr. Kopp!) When you need him to fix your teeth unexpectedly, he makes 7am appointments to take care of you!!! (Really, who does that?) We all are very lucky to have you here in Elmhurst. Thank you for being there and all above goes for Dr. Elia too! What a team! Staff, there is next to none a team like you. Thank you for your support and help all this time.



I am so glad I picked this dentist office. The other reviews are not wrong at all. A very welcoming staff and experience. They were able to get me in almost immediately when I requested an appointment and I was treated immediately for a large cavity. Dr. Elias was very compassionate and genuine. He actually cared about how I was feeling and was very understanding. I am coming back for sure! I would recommend anyone to come here.

Ashley S


Kopp Dental is not in my insurance plan. I would not trade any savings I would have by going to an “in network” DDS due to the excellent care I have received and the confidence I have in the treatment plans they have provided.

Privately submitted


Dear Ones,
God has surely blessed us by bringing us into your office…We thank him and we thank you… Keep doing what you do… because you do it so well… God bless you… in his love..

PS. Don’t ever think of retiring!!

Debbie, Alex, Sam, Misty and BJ

Dear family of “Kopp Dental”-
Your card moved me more deeply than any expression of sympathy I received. Thank you more than I can say. You all treated my mom so amazingly well (especially you Kevin- who so went beyond the call of duty to ensure that she was always comfortable, and with any and all problems- or shall we call them “dental adventures”- quickly and efficiently addressed.) I often think (with a smile) of Kevin’s comment at Mom’s last visit that “It sure is terrible when people outlive their teeth.” That almost happened to MOM, but still, God bless her, she had 7 left when she passed peacefully in her sleep. You all are the BEST. Thank you!

Paul Ross and family

Dear Dr. Kopp
Thank you for using your tremendous skill and knowledge to transform my husband’s bite. You gave him a “beautiful smile”. The prettiest smile since I have know him and that’s 38 years! God bless you

Dear Dr. Kopp, Donna, Kathleen and Nancy,
I want to thank you for all the consideration expressed and demonstrated in accommodating me in my dental plan dilemma.

As we have discussed, through unplanned and unknown circumstances, I have “lost” my employee dental plan, and if I join one now, I will not be eligible for reimbursement for a period of two years – which I understand is a state law.

With regard to Kathleen’s call today, wherein she advised me of a few issues to consider before obtaining new dental insurance. A new plan is not feasible for me at this point in my life. She also advised and offered the services of Dr. Kopp’s two associates; I will of course be happy to work with either of these gentlemen. I will call for an appointment hopefully in the near future, but I must first plan and arrange for this large financial expenditure.

I wanted to write this letter before too much time passed to express my appreciation to all of you for your kindness. While we are new to each other, this short experience has shown me that I am in the right place with all of you- yours is a unique practice with wonderful people and I look forward to the day when we can work together to get me “lookin’ good!”

With warm regards

Dr. Kopp,
I want to thank you for all the work you did on my teeth with all the crowns. Thank you too for your patience in letting me work with my insurance in finally getting payment from them for the work that was done.

You’ve been so encouraging when I have been given such a bleak outlook before I got to you. So now I have hope for the future and a good set of teeth right now.
Please thank Jenny also for all she did. Her skill and kindness meant so much. Many, many thanks!!

Cordially, Bea

I just wanted to tell you that you not only fixed the crack in my plate, you have done an extra job on the left side, as now I can eat on both sides at the same time and no pain on the nerve points.

Many thanks.

Dear ones… Dr. Kopp, Dr. Elia, Dr. G. Kathleen, Susan, Donna, Nancy, Marie, Margaret, Marta, Katie… Over my lifetime I have been in almost a hundred dental practices… endodontists, general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, pedodontists, orthodontists etc… in Illinois at Loyola dental… in Texas at the Dental School at the Health Science Center in San Antonio…

I’ve been a patient, a visitor, a student, a helper, an observer, a ‘victim’, a friend, an employee…a file clerk, a receptionist, an assistant, a hygienist etc… And in all my years… in all these places… I’ve never been as blessed and amazed, as I have been by your practice…

I love your office!

I love the family atmosphere… I love the care and compassion and expertise you offer to every single person that walks through your door… I love the way, that after 3 years of less than acceptable treatment in other offices you took my mother’s case and helped her to be able to eat again and not be in constant pain… in fact, to not be in pain AT ALL! I love the way you listen and don’t simply dismiss my thoughts and concerns… I thank God for the blessing that you are in our lives and thank him for bringing us to your office…”for such a time as this”… God Bless Each and Every One of You… in His Love… with grateful hearts…

Debbie Pirus (and family)

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