Natural-Looking Temporaries

Temporary restorations are especially useful when the upcoming permanent restoration will require the removal of considerable tooth structure or when the goal is to provide an inconspicuous, natural-looking temporary. Temporaries also show patients what their permanents will look like and allow them to request any changes from the dentist.

 Our patients often comment on how natural their temporaries look and feel.

Dr. Kopp’s Handcrafted Temporaries Offer Excellent Aesthetics

As expert prosthodontists, the doctors at Kopp Dental bring the highest level of skill to fashioning temporaries with excellent aesthetics. They understand the patient’s need for comfortable, functional, attractive solutions whether those solutions are temporary or permanent. With Dr. Kopp at the helm, Kopp Dental employs its state-of-the-art technology to provide all our patients with an exceptional experience.


Services to the Chicagoland, Elmhurst, and Surrounding Areas.

Look at our gallery of pictures of actual Kopp Dental patients and their aesthetic temporaries, and you’ll see we provide the best. To get the best, contact our office today.