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We Only Use American Labs

Many labs in foreign countries such as China, Mexico and the Philippines are vying for business with American dentists.

In Elmhurst, IL, Kopp Dental lab work provides the best care because it comes from nearby labs, is American-manufactured and regulated while using thorough lab-doctor communication. We have established a close, long-term relationship with our labs, and even have an on-site lab that we work closely with on many anterior and cosmetic cases. You can count on your Chicago area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kopp to only use American-made lab work, including crowns and porcelain veneers in all of our dental care.

Foreign laboratory facts to consider:

no regulations

  • There are no regulations for offshore labs to identify where dental restorations are fabricated.
  • Dentists are not mandated to disclose working with an offshore lab, nor do patients see a price reduction if offshore labs are used.
  • FDA regulations of off-shore labs are limited to their authorized importer status, not their infection-control standards used in production methods or their content.
  • Several offshore labs list ISO 9001 certification to enhance their perceived quality, but ISO 9001is only a procedural standard which does not indicate a higher quality product.
  • Barriers of distance, language and culture may seriously impair the necessary details required to design a perfect restoration for the patient.
  • Several skilled dental technicians live in our Chicago land area, so our Kopp Dental doctors leverage local expertise that is best for our patients.

Trust a Elmhurst and Chicago area cosmetic dentist office dedicated to the best and safest lab work possible by working with American labs close to home.

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