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Ways to Prevent Cavities and Protect Your Teeth

“Virtually all American adults have tooth decay, and more than a quarter have cavities that have not been treated, a new government survey finds. Americans may be known around the world for having strong, white teeth, but the dentist sees something different inside a patient’s...

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4 Ways White Teeth Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Can Teeth Whitening Really Improve My Life? It’s a common belief that opportunities come to attractive people, and there’s abundant research to indicate this popular opinion is correct. For example, Catherine Hakim, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies, London, found that attractive...

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What is Sleep Apnea and How Does it Affect Me?

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders seen in the medical community today. This sleep disorder is characterized by frequent and often prolonged disturbances in the normal breathing cycles during sleep. These interruptions, called apneas, are caused by the collapse of soft...

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Live Healthier: Foods You Need To AVOID

Most of us want to live long, healthy, enjoyable lives and one of the best ways to do that is to be smart about the foods we put into our bodies. When it comes to living a long life, here are some foods to avoid...

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Exercising After Dental Work- What You Need to Know

When exercise is a big part of your day to day routine, the thought of having to go days or even weeks without it following dental work or surgery can be intimidating and more terrifying than the procedure itself. There are several things to consider...

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Understanding the Importance of the Lymphatic System

When you mention the circulatory system, most people will think of the heart, blood, veins and arteries. But, did you know that the body has a second circulatory system? It is true and it is called the lymphatic system. The importance of the lymphatic system...

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Whole Body Health

  In today's world, we are all eating out more, busy with work and always trying to find time to fit things in to our schedules.  With the hectic schedules comes less time to put ourselves and our health first.  For this reason, at Kopp Dental...

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Eating Foods that Keep Teeth Healthy

Most people today know and accept that at least to some extent you are what you eat. This idea holds true that when you put good things into your body the systems work as they should and optimum health can be achieved, and when bad...

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