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dental crowns can they decay fast

Can dental crowns get decay?

“What do you mean I have a cavity, all of my teeth have crowns on them, how can that be possible?” Often we are presented with this situation; a patient comes in for their dental care and during a consultation and exam, a cavity is...

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Learn About Dental Implants

For patients who've experienced tooth loss, finding replacement options is doubtless a real priority. At Kopp Dental, Dr. Kevin Kopp and Associates are experts in replacing missing teeth to restore your smile, the function of your teeth, and your self confidence! Probably the most advanced and...

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Optimal Dental Health Improves Your Life!

At Kopp Dental, we see time and time again how unhealthy, unsightly teeth and gums cause health problems and loss of confidence. Restoring such smiles to optimal health, beauty and function gives us great pride. We love to see the happy patients of each Elmhurst...

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Concern about dental x-rays

Often times patients are concerned about exposure to radiation.  At Kopp Dental we use digital X rays. Using this type of X-ray can reduce radiation our patients receive by as much as 80%. We also have state of the art sterilization equipment and only use reverse...

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Welcome to the Blog of Kevin Kopp, Chicago Dentist in Elmhurst!

[caption id="attachment_27" align="alignnone" width="630"] Welcome to the blog of Dr. Kevin Kopp, Chicago dentist in Elmhurst.[/caption] Thank you for visiting the blog of Kopp Dental!  Dr. Kevin Kopp, our expert associates, and the entire team of professionals would like to welcome you to peruse our site! ...

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