Do you know how lucky you are? Not just you though—we’re all very lucky that we don’t need to worry about dental problems like untreated infections or proper tooth removal because a dentist is right down the road if we need them. Rewind the clock back even 100 years and it’s a totally different case.
Occasionally it’s good to take a step back and marvel at how far dentistry and technology have come and how fortunate we are to be living in such a modern age.

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 We thank all those who came before us that helped to pave the road in the dentistry field.  

Greene Vardiman Black (1836–1915), commonly known as G.V. Black, is known as one of the founders of modern dentistry in the United States.

1855: Emeline Roberts Jones became the first woman to practice dentistry in the United States.

dental 1840

1840 Notice the foot pedal drill

Olga Lentz Works on Patient








dental 1960sOP


Kopp Dental Office Photos operatory002

Kopp Dental 2014

 Thank goodness for the marvels in dentistry!  

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