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4 Ways White Teeth Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Can Teeth Whitening Really Improve My Life?

It’s a common belief that opportunities come to attractive people, and there’s abundant research to indicate this popular opinion is correct. For example, Catherine Hakim, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Policy Studies, London, found that attractive workers earn anywhere from 7 to 13% more than their less attractive colleagues. They’re also more likely to fare well in a job interview and be successful in romance.

…A Whiter Smile for a Better Life


There are multiple reasons for this. One is confidence. Attractive people tend to be more confident and thus more outgoing, and that’s an appealing quality.

But there’s more to it than that. Attractive people benefit from something called the halo effect, meaning that others tend to associate other positive qualities like intelligence or friendliness with an appealing appearance. It may not be rational or fair, but it’s a pervasive influence in day-to-day human interactions.

So, looking one’s best is important. But how much of a role does an appealing white smile or the lack of one play in determining whether someone is seen as attractive or not? As it turns out, a big one.

Not only do people see bad teeth as unattractive in themselves, in some cases, they even link them to negative stereotypes. In popular culture, buckteeth commonly signal ignorance or stupidity while other dental problems are used to suggest weakness or even moral deficiencies.


Teeth Whitening For A White Smile in A Job Interview

whiter smile job interview


In a job interview, it’s important to show the interviewer four qualities, confidence, professionalism, judgment, and respect, meaning that it’s clear the candidate appreciates the opportunity to interview and is genuinely interested in the position.

An appealing set of white teeth and a bright smile promotes genuine confidence in candidates because they know they can show their teeth without embarrassment. Smiling also triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin that actually make a person feel better. Conversely, job seekers who feel they need to hide their teeth can easily come across as unhappy or reserved.

By the same token, fairly or not, dingy or damaged teeth can suggest,  that candidates lacked the judgment, professionalism, or respect to create the best possible first impression.

Beyond these general issues, interviewers may look for a white smile and generally appealing appearance when hiring workers to interact with the public. After all, if they enjoy talking to the candidate, customers probably will, too. Whereas if they don’t like the appearance of a person’s smile, it’s reasonable to expect that others will be put off as well.

Interviewers may also consider what dental problems suggest a candidate’s general health. Dental issues have been linked to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, and even if an individual escape those, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, workers with acute dental problems miss more work due to illness than those with healthy mouths. No employer is eager to offer employment to someone who will be out sick more than the average worker. And the obvious appearance of white teeth is an easy way to quickly get an impression of the overall health and wellness of the individual applicant. 


A White Smile and Employment: Examples of the Research


According to a study conducted by Beal Research & Training of Chicago, when subjects were shown before-and-after photos of patients who received cosmetic dental treatments such as getting white teeth, they rated the faces in the after pictures more highly on kindness, friendliness, intelligence, and success. These, of course, are qualities interviewers look for.

A report summarized in the British Dental Journal found a clear link between dental hygiene and employment.

In a study conducted by Kelton Research, an independent research group, researchers found that people with straight teeth were 45% more likely to land a job than applicants with crooked teeth and identical qualifications.

NBC News has documented difficulties that people with dental problems encounter when job hunting.

In a 2006 study, nearly 400 welfare recipients with serious dental problems were offered free dental treatment. Those who completed treatment were twice as likely to find employment or get off welfare.

And in a 2007 study, Kelton Research conducted a study employing simulated job interviews and an online survey. The data from the job interviews revealed that applicants were 58% more likely to be offered employment and 53% more likely to be offered a larger salary after their teeth had been whitened. They were also seen as more professional by a factor of 65% and more confident by a factor of 61% after the whitening.

The online quantitative study portion of the research yielded findings consistent with those obtained from the simulated job interviews. A white smile (as opposed to stained teeth) was correlated with positive attributes like financial success, professional success, and trustworthiness. The majority of those participating overtly endorsed the idea that a person’s appearance is a reflection of these qualities. The relationship held regardless of the responder’s gender, age, income, marital status, education or employment.

A White Smile and Romance

white smile


A set of white teeth and a bright white smile also makes a person more attractive to potential dates for many of the same reasons already mentioned above.

White teeth help can individual feel more confident and be more outgoing, and these are innately attractive qualities. Smiling makes an individual healthier both physically and emotionally, improves mood, and can even increase the sex drive. Obviously, these are positive attributes when a person is seeking romance.

Conversely, the person who feels a need to hide discolored teeth misses the opportunity to lift a date’s spirits with a wide, carefree smile. The individual is also apt to come across as too lazy or indifferent to take proper care of himself, somber, secretive, or even annoyed or bad-tempered when that may be far from the case. These attributes are less appealing in and of themselves and, when they constitute a misperception, derail the clear emotional communication necessary to establish and sustain a healthy romantic relationship.

Of course, a wide grin with white teeth may not produce a beneficial effect if a person displaying it doesn’t have a nice white smile. As explained above, stained teeth can make an individual look unattractive and even give rise to negative assumptions about him or her.


A White Smile and Romance: Examples of the Research


A 2002 study published in the Scandinavian journal of Psychology verified that smiling is indeed contagious. Researchers showed subjects representations of several emotions. When viewing a frown, the subjects were asked to frown but smiled instead.

The 2007 Kelton research study already mentioned above also looked at simulated first dates. 59% of the study participants were viewed as more outgoing after they get treatments to get white teeth and brighten their smile.

A 201l study at the University of Aberdeen’s Face Research Laboratory found that subjects rated people as more attractive if they smiled and made eye contact.

A 2013 survey of nearly 5500 unattached adults reported in the London Daily Mail found that an appealing white smile was the most important attribute people considered when pursuing online dating. 58% of men said that if someone didn’t have a nice smile, that was a deal breaker. 71% of women said the same.

To summarize, the proof that attractive white teeth and a bright smile aids a person in employment, dating, and pretty much every interpersonal aspect of life is overwhelming. Not everyone has such a smile naturally, but when someone doesn’t, a dental professional can help, and the effect on the patient’s life is likely to be transformative.

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