Patient Profile

As a prosthodontics practice, we have had the opportunity to change our patients’ lives. Here are a few outstanding cases of patients who have provided dental reviews of our Chicago area practice.

Jamie- Whitening and Contouring

Dental Reviews ElmhurstJamie, a 24-year-old opera singer, presented with concern about the shape and color of her teeth. Although Jamie requested porcelain veneers, Dr Kopp felt some more conservative measures could give Jamie a beautiful smile.

He had her do teeth whitening with trays he fabricated in the lab. Once the desired result was achieved, Dr. Kopp reshaped the contour on a couple of her teeth with composite material. The final outcome for Jamie was a smile she loves. There are times when less is more.

Chicago-area restorative dentistry by Dr. Kopp ensures that Kopp Dental always provides the best prognosis for all patients. Read more stories like this, on our testimonials page.

Kathy- Dental Implant Restoration

kathyKathy was referred to the office after an unfortunate complication where the implant that was placed in the front tooth area had the threads inside stripped and were no longer usable. The patient risked having to have the implant removed if nothing could be done.

Dr. Kopp was able to reach into his years of experience and custom fabricate a post of gold that could be cemented into the implant and then have a custom crown fabricated. Kathy was thrilled with the result and very happy she did not need to have the implant surgically removed.

Joannie- Orthodontic Guidance & Dental Implants

joanieJoannie presented to Kopp Dental with many congenitally missing teeth and orthodontic treatment under way. Dr. Kopp was able to guide the completion of the orthodontics case to help get the remaining teeth in proper positions to accommodate the strategic placement of dental implants. Crowns and veners were then utilized to create a smile that Joannie truly loves.