Porcelain Veneers Elmhurst IL | Kevin Kopp DDS FACP

Hate the Flaws in Your Smile? Hide them!

Holidays, family gatherings, life events – the cameras come out. Are you the one always standing in the back of the group with the closed mouth smile or with a hand over your mouth? You don’t need to be. Porcelain veneers can easily hide smile flaws.

Veneers can instantly transform smile flaws such as:

  • crooked or uneven teeth
  • gaps between teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • stained or discolored teeth

Porcelain veneers create a new surface for your teeth while maintaining the underlying structure. These thin coverings are bonded to the surface of prepared teeth to permanently change their color and shape. Their best feature is in their ability to be customized to each patient’s individual smile and needs.

The Best Veneers Look Like No Veneers

Dr. Kopp has partnered with renowned American Labs to ensure his patients of the best fitting and most beautifully designed veneers possible.

The best veneers are those that don’t look like veneers. They should so perfectly match your own natural tooth color and bite that no one can tell the difference between the lab created restoration and your own teeth!

Call us to schedule a friendly consultation with Dr. Kopp and learn how easy it is to unleash the full potential of your smile.