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Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth rehabilitation is a masterpiece of dental treatment when performed by cosmetic dentist in Chicago, Dr. Kopp or Dr. Keith Guzaitis. Full mouth rehabilitation is necessary when a complex set of circumstances lead to extensive breakdown of a patient’s oral health. Although a general dentist has been trained to accomplish most dental procedures, full mouth rehabilitation is a main tenet of a Board Certified prosthodontist, who is capable of treating multiple dental issues.

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Having a general dentist treat a full mouth rehabilitation would be similar to asking a single family home builder to build a 100-story skyscraper. The prosthodontist’s extra years of training focuses on the special needs of patients requiring full mouth rehabilitation to allow a more predictable outcome with a better long term prognosis and improved aesthetics.

The scope of full mouth rehabilitation includes the following imperative reconstructive work:

The comprehensive combination of all the above elements functioning together

The entirety of full mouth rehabilitation depends upon the successful implementation of each step, an area where Chicago area cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist Dr. Kopp excels. General dentists have training covering some of these areas, whereas Dr. Kopp specializes in this type of complex reconstruction as an expert in Chicago area prosthodontics. The more intricate repairs, such as dental implants or several crowns, truly set Dr. Kopp apart because of his impeccable training, board certification and vast experience in all areas of full mouth rehabilitation. Difficult cases that really have the potential to restore health and function should be exclusively performed by the most accomplished experts.

The key to a successful outcome is a strong, healthy foundation, which is ingeniously delivered by Chicago area cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist Dr. Kopp in his full mouth restoration cases. To learn more, contact his Elmhurst dentist office, Kopp Dental for a consultation about our Naperville area cosmetic dentistry.

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