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Drs. Kopp, Guzaitis and Elia are proud to serve you by being open with extended weekday hours and some weekend hours. As a dentist in Elmhurst, all of our doctors are skilled and compassionate. We always provide extraordinary care. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

Are you concerned about the dental materials used to restore your teeth?  At Kopp dental we can assure you we do the very best to keep you safe.

Digital xrays use less radiation then flying in an airplane.  According to the American Dental Association, the radiation you receive is scant. Using a millisievert (mSv) scale to measure doses, you could expect 0.038 from Bitewing X-rays, and 0.150 from a full mouth X-ray.  An airplane flight from New York to Los Angeles: 30-40 microsieverts.  Smoking a pack a day for one year: 80,000 microsieverts.  You can see the dental x-ray releases far less radiation and is used to diagnose potential oral decay to keep you healthy.

Mercury free fillings-While there is research on both sides regarding mercury fillings, at Kopp Dental we choose to do only white composite fillings.  We remove old, amalgam fillings  carefully to ensure we get all pieces with our high speed suction.  The amalgam is  then taken from our vacuum trap and placed in a container to be recycled.   We send our amalgam to a certified amalgam recycling company,  Amalgon1.  We choose this company for their high standards as well as their community mindedness as they donate a portion of all their proceeds to Make a Wish foundation.

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